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September 2, 2010

Well, it seems that Manbearpig (Al Gore), and his enviro-cronies are up a dirty polluted creek again, without a paddle. All they have is a case of white guilt that has not expired yet, and some patchouli oil for those ‘not so fresh feelings.’ That is a nice way to say, ‘when their asses smell like a cat food/tuna cannery on garbage day.’ I digress. Anyway, Manbearpig…

Manbearpig! (From 'South Park' (2006))

has had a rough year personally. He is getting divorced, his kid is a pot head, and he has been accused of getting some happy endings from girls in hotels. Well, I guess he saw that his old boss could get away with it, so what the hell.

You know his proverbial iceberg is melting when even the New York Post writes an article against the sweet heart of big government liberalism. Here is their new article titled, “Meltdown of the climate ‘consensus.'”

This week, one of his ‘eco-terrorists’ took hostages at the Discovery Channel building because he was, “awakened” by Al Gore’s mock-umentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Here is a good article on the eco-fanatic,  James Lee.

What would you like to bet that if that guy was white, and had listened to talk radio? It would be plastered on the news 24/7 for months! But, since he is Asian, and a lefty, we will have forgotten about this incident (thanks to the press) within weeks. Remember that guy that ran his plane into the IRS building? No? That is because he was a lefty, and the press ignored the story after they found out he was not a fan of Glenn Beck or Limbaugh. Remember when Nancy Pelosi was worried about right-wing fanatics coming out of the wood work and she cried crocodile tears like the sick, politician beeatch that she is? Well, look who all of the ‘fanatics’ have been lately. But, this is not new; remember that they were the ones blowing shit up in the 60’s as well. Just look at one of BHO’s buddies, who grew up to indoctrinate kids for a living in Chicago.

You cannot imagine how long it took me to catch old ‘rotten crotch’ here next to me (Thomas Paine’s zombie) up on what has been happening for the last 200 years, since he unwrapped himself of his mortal coil. He has had a little too much wine tonight, so all I understood was “big government bad” and he wanted to know the names of the hotels where Manbearpig was staying. Hey, 200 years on ice does things to a guy.

Well, apparently the “debate is over.” Literally. James Cameron (enviro-nazi extraordinaire, and guinea pig wrangler), asked for a debate whether ‘climate change’ was a real scientific fact or not, and when some skeptics of climate-change gave him what he wanted, he started to retreat. First, there were no cameras allowed (which is weird for a Hollywood guy), and kept making outrageous demands (which were all accepted), until he finally “pulled out” at the last second. Click HERE for the complete details. Al Gore will not debate either. That is strange since their theories are based on “science,” right? They should have oodles and oodles of evidence to show those knuckle-dragging, cousin humping, climate deniers, right? Wrong! Now, all of their evidence seems to be based on false studies that are proving the opposite to be true. Remember climate-gate? That was only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ Man, I like puns!

Does this mean the stupid polar bears are going to live now? That sucks. I soooo wanted a pair of polar bear boots, with a matching coat. Hey, if they are going to die anyway, I might as well rent a helicopter with a 20 mm M61 Vulcan aircraft cannon and get ready for the Fall fashions, right? Tom agrees.

Stupid Polar Bears! See, they are bad for national defense. They are attacking a US Submarine! Commie polar bears!

Another little fact that you may not know. Manbearpigs documentary, which US teachers regularly show to their little leftist lemmings in training, has gone to court in the UK. Why? Scientific fraud, that is why. A man named Lord Monckton, who sounds like a Monty Python character, took Manbearpigs film to court. There were 35 fatal flaws in Gore’s movie according to Monckton. Monckton even invited Gore to debate. Guess what his rotundity did? That is right, he declined. Well, the court finally decided on 11 fatal flaws in the movie (not the 35 that Monckton claimed), but it is now illegal to show the Al Gore film in British school, without a counter-point argument, and without telling the children the 11 scientific flaws in the film before they watch it. If you are an American, you have probably never even heard of this lawsuit. Why? Do you think the media wants you to know that one of their heroes is a phony? Well, if you don’t believe me, here is the link.

When I was a kid, the teachers in school told me that there was a new ice age approaching. Now, only 30 years later, we are going to boil in lakes of fire and puss because we are evil capitalists. This whole argument has nothing to do with science, it has to do with money. Enviro-nazis are no better than Muslim extremists in my book. They both want us to live like we were in the 1oth century again. With cap and tax, and other laws they are putting into place to take our hard earned money, and lowering our standard of living. I am all for clean rivers, and lakes like the next guy. But I should not be forced to follow some law or pay some draconian tax that is based on a fallacy of pseudo-science. Tom is asleep. I didn’t know that zombies had to sleep. I guess Manbearpig will do that to anyone.

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