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John Cusack Loves Satan

September 1, 2010

Actor, John Cusack, tweeted the “Satanic death” of the GOP, FOX news, and Dick Armey. For the full article, click here. This was a stretch to explain to Tom, since actors in his day were “charlatans and prostitutes” (according to him). Then I had to explain that actors today are still empty heads, but they are paid much better, since they are on TV and movies. Which, I had to explain what those were to him. Then, he mused why Americans would care what trained bears, one-trick ponies, and over-sexed adolescents with vacuous heads would think, and I had no real answer for him. What do you think? I still think Dick Armey is the best name ever. It sounds like the title of a 70’s gay porno. On a side note, if Satan is against FOX, the GOP, etc…does that mean they are on the side of God? That is not a bad thing the last time I checked.

Apparently, Satan, who is still sulking over his break up with Saddam Hussein, is plotting the death of the GOP, FOX, and a guy with the hilarious name...Dick Armey.

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